Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Super Moons and Meteor Showers

Though I didn't see the meteor showers, the super moon in the night sky was something to behold! Nature gives us so much to enjoy and appreciate, if we will only take a moment out of our busy lives to really look at what's around us! Sometimes we get so busy on life's merry-go-round that we fail to see what's unfolding right before our eyes! 

Living on the farm, we are very attuned to nature, everything here revolves around nature.  When we sow seeds, when we plant, and when we harvest all are dependent on what is happening at that time, in nature.  Many farmers (including my grandparents) like to sow seeds when the moon was in a particular phase- either waning or waxing. Many of us like to "companion" plant vegetables, or plant flowers along  with our vegetables that will naturally deter unwanted pests in the garden.  We are not separate or apart from nature. 

When you have a "sit down" meal with your family (which we hope is often), maybe spend a moment thinking and discussing the role that nature played in the wonderful meal you are about to enjoy. 

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