Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Warm Thoughts on a Cold Day

 Today was spent working on our website updates to reflect the 2017 CSA season.  We opened registration on Friday and folks are signing up to take advantage of the discounts we offer for early registration.  It was not so much like work today since I sat by our tree typing and taking an occasional sip of hot tea.The mist and colder temps outside and the coziness inside only made it more enjoyable. 

Yesterday was put up the tree day at our house.  I love putting on the ornaments saved from year to year and remembering all the years many have been on our trees.  Some were made by our children, some are just plain old but have a history, and a few have been added recently.  We leave our tree up until the Epiphany, but one year stands out in my mind as having it up much longer.  Our children were small and when it came time to take it down, they begged to leave it up longer, and so we did.  I teased them that if we left it up much longer we would have to decorate it for Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day came and went and the tree was still up-I think we took it down in March. They loved it!

Some of my favorite things about Christmas:

The season of Advent and Midnight Mass
Hot chocolate and donuts on Christmas Eve
The hugs I get from my family during the holidays
The smell of good food being prepared in the kitchen for Christmas brunch/dinner
A nice glass of boiled custard with a bit of rum or bourbon added
Candy orange slices, but they must be really fresh
The colors red and green
The aroma of fir and pine boughs
The sight of holly bushes at the farm filled with red berries
Time spent around the table laughing with family and friends
Home made fruit cake..I truly love it
The sound of jingle bells
The crib beneath our tree

Most likely if you take time to think about your favorite things at Christmas, you would get nostalgic just like me.  Give it a try, you'll be surprised at how many favorite things that come to mind.

We wish everyone a blessed holiday season filled with love and a peaceful heart!

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!